Sprite Replacement Cartridges

Sprite Replacement Cartridges for use with Slim-Line, Slim-Line in Solid Brass, Slim-Line 2 and Filtered Shower Head units, High Output, High Output in Solid Brass and High Output 2 units, Filtered Shower Handles, Hose Filter and Filtered Extensions, and Filtered Bath Ball units.

BBC: Bath Ball Cartridge for White and Chrome Filtered Bath Ball.

HHC: Hand Held Cartridge for Hose Shower Filters and Filtered Shower Handles.

HOC: High Output Cartridge for High Output Chrome Brass, High Output Chrome Plastic, and High Output White Plastic.

SLC: Slim Line Cartridge for Slim line Chrome Brass, Slim Line Chrome Plastic and Slim Line White Plastic.

Sprite Shower Filter Cartridges have Chlorgon as filtration media, which is highly effective at reducing, Free Chlorine (Cl-), Combined Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite), Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell, Iron oxide (rust water), Dirt, sediment, and Odors.

Also, most Sprite products are NSF Certified to standard #177 for shower filtration. Don’t be misled by companies who claim NSF Certified Filtration Media. It’s not the same as being certified to Standard 177! For a list of Sprite Certified models, click the link below.

Sprite Certified Models: NSF/ANSI 177 Shower Filtration Systems – Aesthetic Effects 

Sprite Replacement Cartridges

Benefits of Sprite Replacement Cartridges


  • Improves dry, irritated itchy skin (great for eczeman and psoriasis)
  • Prevents dry, brittle hair, hair loss and dandruff
  • Essential for new borns
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Improves hair texture and protect colour treated hair
  • Hair is able to maintain it’s natural oils, and it will look softer and healthier
  • Protects skin’s natural oils. Skin becomes softer, healthier and younger look, without the drying effects of chlorine
  • Prevents dry skin and wrinkling
  • Stimulates autoimmune system
  • Accelerates your metabolism
  • Gives higher energy levels

Pollutants Removed

  • Chlorine
  • Combined Chlorine
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Dirt & Sediments
  • Hydrogen Sulphide (Odours)
  • Iron Oxide

Filtration Media

  • KDF & Chlorgon