BWT German Rainwater Filter RF | Model No-50218 | Whole House Water Filter


BWT German Rainwater Filter RF | Model No-50218 | Whole House Water Filter

  • Includes:
    • 2 x Gauge 50mm S/S 1/4″ 150 Psi Liquid (A)x 1/4″ F Hex Socket
    • 2 x 1/4″ F x 1/4″ F Hex Socket 
    • 1x BWT Rainwater Filter RF

**Enquire about a Big Blue filter cartridge that removes Heavy metals**


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BWT German Rainwater Filter RF | Model No-50218 | Whole House Water Filter

  • High Pressure Rated
  • Highest Quality Standards and Materials
  • Compact and Functional
  • UV resistant material
  • Easy DIY Back wash


  • Maternal exposure to fluoride during pregnancy was associated with lower IQ scores in children. (1)
  • Chlorine and Fluoride have calcifying effects on the pineal gland. (2) Pineal gland calcification:
    • Lowers productions of melatonin
    • Impairs the sleep-wake cycle
    • Disrupts the regulation of the circadian rhythm
    • Children reach puberty earlier now as a consequence of fluoridated water.
  • Heavy Metals (Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, and Aluminum), Chlorine and Fluoride (Halogens) mimic thyroid hormone structure and disrupt the thyroid function. (3)
  • Pesticides and Herbicides Induce Hypothyroidism. (4)
  • Aluminum oxidatively damages the thyroid, which subsequently affects iodide uptake and thyroid hormone production. (5)
  • Mercury accumulates in the thyroid and reduces iodide uptake, thus inhibiting thyroid hormone production. (6)

Water Distillers and Reverse Osmosis are our BEST water filtration systems. Provide you with the best pure drinking water – 100% purity


Fluoride Aluminium Arsenic Barium Calcium Cadmnium Cobalt Chronium Copper Chlorine Iron Potassium Magnesium Manganese Molybdenum Sodium Nickel Lead Selenium Zinc

SYDNEY Quarterly Drinking Water Quality Report | Potts Hill Delivery System 1 April 2019 to 30 June 2019 (See page 8.) 

What happens if you don't change your water filter?

By simply replacing your filter on a regular basis, you can avoid drinking unwanted chemicals, particles and bacteria, which can cause or lead to serious health problems. 

How long do water filters last?

The water filter itself can last pretty long. But the cartridges have a lifespan of six to twelve months depending on your usage. And the tanks have a lifespan of three to ten years depending on its size. It will be a good decision to get a large tank because they last longer than the smaller tanks.

Water filter manufacturers recommend that you change your water filter every six months. This is because usually by the six month mark the water filter begins to wear out and may not filter as well as it should be.

Does Boiling Water Removes Chemicals?

Boiling water has long been known as a rapid purification method for contaminated water, as the elevated temperature kills parasites and bacteria.

However, heavy metals and  rust particles found in the water are not living organisms that can be killed, therefore are not removed, instead they get concentrated during the boiling process.


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