Everpure Compatible Water Filter Cartridges

Everpure WFA12 Compatible Water Filter Cartridge. Omnipure Water Filters are compatible with EVERPURE WFA12, Omnipure Models: E5515SB and E55220SB have a higher filtration capacity and their cartridge life is longer, as the water filter is larger than the regular EVERPURE WFA12.

Omnipure E-Series | Made in USA | Fit Everpure WFA12 

Compatible With

  • Replacement body for existing permanent heads. Ideal for use in commercial beverage and food service applications.


    • The Omnipure E5515 SB is a Suitable Subsitute Water Filter for Everpure WFA12. The 5515 SB Filters suit the QL1, QL3 and QL3B Everpure style Filter Heads. 
    • E5515 SB filter will replace the following Everpure filters and systems S54, H-54, EV9252-66, S-54, EV9720-06, WFA 12, WFA-6, WFA Pro1500-RC, EV9302-12, RV, ADC, EV9592-01, ADC-6, EV9252-67,EV9592-06, AC, EV959201, EV9252-67, ADC, EV959-206, Hydrotwist WFA12, Full timer used in RV, Caravans, Under kitchen sink filters.

Filter Media | GAC | For removal of Chlorine, Taste, Odours, Lead, Cyst

Pollutants Removed

E-5515SB Specialty Block Media Block GAC | 1 Micron with Lead Specific Media – 10″

  • Taste, odor & chlorine reduction
  • Cyst reduction
  • Lead Reduction
  • Class 1 filtration media
  • Maximum one-year service life


  • Size: 2.5″x 10″
  • Service Life: 1,250 Gallons
  • Micron Rating: 1 Micron