CARELUX Whole House Water Filter Systems install at the point of entry of the main water supply.

As a result, all the water going into the system will pass through different stages, depending of the filter system you choose.

There are different systems, different filter cartridges, different sizes, and so on.

Whole House Water Filters with 10″ housing, are usually for small houses with one bathroom.

However, if your house has more than 2 bathrooms, it is recommended to have a 20″ housing.

This is because, the water passing through bigger systems will spend more time being filtered.

Bigger systems will double the water contact time in contrast will small systems.

The more time the water spend in contact with the filtration media, the more pollutants will be captured.

Why Choose a Whole House Water Filter System?

While point of use (POU) water filter systems purify water at specific taps in your home, a point of entry (POE) system (also called whole house water filter) treats water as it enters your home.

Choosing a POE or whole house water filter means that you do not need multiple shower filters and drinking water filters scattered throughout your home.

Homes with high levels of minerals, where appliances, water heaters, taps and shower heads are damaged because of the water hardness, will benefit greatly with a whole house water filter.

However, Whole House Water Filters not only benefit homes with hard water, our whole house water filters generally remove Sediment, Dirt, Rust, Sand, Chlorine, Taste, Odours, Pesticides, Chemicals and other pollutants not visible to the human eye.

During showers is where you will notice the most benefits.

The smell of chlorine, will be gone.

At the beginning you won’t notice the smell of chlorine gone.

However, if you shower with unfiltered water after having filtered water for a while, you will notice the presence of chlorine smell.

Showering in chlorine free water, cooking with pure water and drinking safe water.


If you own a medium or large-sized home a whole house system will:

  • Reduce contaminants (Chlorine, Taste, Odours, Lead, Calcium, Mercury, Copper, Aluminium, Rust, Sediments and more),
  • Eliminate minerals to stop scale build up, and
  • Provide cleaner better-smelling water for every room in your home.