Whole House Replacement Filter Cartridges

Want to know more about filter cartridges for your Whole House Water Filter?

Sediment and Carbon Filters are the most common options for whole house water filters.

Sediment Replacement Filters

Sediment Filters reduce dirt, rust, sand, clay, silt, and other particles depending on the micron size of the filter.

Sediment filters work with mechanical filtration. The smaller the micron, the largest number of sediments will be captured.

Below are some examples of the micron sizes we work with for sediment filters in whole house water filters.

The micron rating (pore size) of a filter cartridge determines the ability of the filter’s media to remove contaminants by the size of particles it is exposed to.

For example, a filter that is marked or rated “10 micron” has some capability to capture particles as small as 10 micrometers.

Although, the micron rating does not determine the exact efficiency of contaminant holding capability of the filter, it will help you determine which filter is most suitable according to your water supply.

Carbon Replacement Filters

Matrikx Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge 20" x 4.5" 1 Micron

Carbon filter cartridges are primarily used to remove taste and odor from chlorine present in all water from a public water system.

Carbon Filters work with adsorption filtration.

Meaning that the pore size does not matter here, is the filtration media.

For carbon filters you have to look for the most efficient filtration media, not the smallest micron size.

Different technologies combine activated carbon with other specialised filtration media to remove heavy metals, parasites, pesticides, herbicides and other contaminants that are only trapped with absorption filtration, not mechanical filtration like the sediments filters do.

Aragon Replacement Filters

Aragon By Geyser

Aragon replacement filters used the latest technology in water filtration.

Aragon filtration media combines several water filtration methods: mechanical; ion exchange, adsorption; electric adsorption.

For example, Aragon filtration media has negatively charged ions that attract positively charged ions and contaminants that are positively charged are trapped in the media.

This is because Aragon is a composite material in the form of solid block made from Aragon polymer with a bacteriostatic additive of silver and granules of ion-exchange resin.

Therefore, can capture particles greater than 2 microns.

Aragon traps lead, zinc, cadmium, cesium, chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, iron, aluminium, turbidity, oil products, and destroys 99.9% of human pathogens, rotaviruses and noroviruses, bacteria, and Cysts.