Under Sink Water Filters

Interested in a drinking water filter?

Under sink water filters are easily installed under your kitchen bench and are supplied with a drinking faucet.

The drinking water faucet is exclusively for filtered drinking water.

However, other options are available such as 3 Way Taps if you do not want to drill a hole for your filtered drinking water tap.

3 Way Taps replace your existing kitchen faucet and provide hot, cold and filtered water, all in one.

Under Sink Water Filter Options

You can find single under sink water filters, with one filtration stage.

You can find twin under sink water filters, with two filtration stages.

You can find triple under sink water filters, with three filtration stages. And, you can find reverse osmosis systems, with four and five filtration stages.

Single, twin and triple under sink water filters provide a cost efficient water filter solution compared to other systems such as reverse osmosis.

Although reverse osmosis provide 99.99% pure water and remove hardness and salts, the initial cost is relatively high as well as its maintenance.

On the other hand, single and twin under sink water filters, only capture  chlorine, taste and odours.

But as shown below, all twin under sink water filters look the same on the outside.

Undersink Twin Water Filter System

The only thing that changes in the filter cartridge within.

The same happens with single and triple under sink water filters.

Therefore, you have the flexibility to choose a filter cartridge that suits you and personalise the water filter according to your concerns and budget. 

FYI, common under sink water filters have sediment and carbon filters only within, unless you specify your supplier a different filter cartridge for your system.

Sediment and carbon filters, as mentioned earlier, only capture chlorine, taste and odours.

But as the world has evolved, new contaminants are found every day in the water, and sediment and carbon filters are not enough.

Today, there are many new contaminants that we encounter in the water such as BPA’s, Viruses, PFAS, and other contaminants found in your town water supply.

As a result, we recommend reverse osmosis systems to achieve 99% purity.

Nevertheless, you can always choose common under sink water filters with sediment and carbon filters for aestethic effects only.


Single, Twin and Triple Under Sink Water Filters are compact and are a cost effective means of water filtration ideal for your home and office and are located/plumbed conveniently under your sink.

For premium filtration and 99% purity under sink water filters such as reverse osmosis systems are recommended.