Zip 91292 with Zip 91295 Sparkling Replacement Cartridge


Zip 91292 with Zip 91295. Replacement Cartridges for Zip HydroTap or Zip Chilltap. The Zip 91292 is the chemical removal filter and the Zip 91295 is the twin pack of CO2 Cylinders.

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NSF CertifiedZip Filters


The bundle includes genuine Zip filters, one Zip 91292 and Zip 91295 CO2 Canisters.

Zip 91292 GlobalPlus

  • MPN: 91292
  • Model: Zip 91292 Filter
  • For HydroTap GlobalPlus
  • Filter reduces Sediment, Chlorine, taste & odour, and Limescale.
  • Captures particles greater than 3 microns.
  • Needs replacing after 6,435 Litres of usage.
  • Suits the New ZIP Hydrotap Boiling, Chilled, Ambient and Sparkling Systems
  • Genuine Zip Brand for peace of mind.
  • NSF Certified and WaterMark Approved.

Zip 91295 Sparkling Replacement Cartridge

  • MPN: Zip 91295
  • Model: Zip 91295 CO2 Canisters
  • Number in Pack: Kit includes 2 Sparkling Replacement Canisters containing 1.0kg (2.2L) each.
  • Easily replace the sparkling canisters in your Zip HydroTap or Zip Chilltap.
  • Canisters are pressurised and must be handled with care.
  • Safety Data Sheet

Additional information

Micron Rating

3 Micron (Nominal)

Filtration Capacity

6,435 Litres @ 1.9 L/min

Removal Efficiency



Prevents scale build up

Zip Filters Model

91292, 91295



NSF Certified
NSF Certified

WaterMark Approved


NSF Certified and Water Mark Approved Filters
  • NSF Standard 42 (Aesthetic Effects)
    • For all Zip Water Filters
    • This certification ensures that filters reduce Chlorine, Taste and Odours.
  • NSF Standard 53 (Health Effects)
    • For 0.5 and 0.2 micron filters.
    • This certification ensures that filters reduce more than 99.9% of parasites, and a heavy metal reduction of more than 98.9%.
Zip Filters

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