FMP 350 KPA Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV) Plastic


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NSF Certified


FMP 350 KPA Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV) Plastic

  • 1/4″ Tube Ports
  • Inlet – ¼” John Guest connector
  • Outlet  – ¼” John Guest connector


Protects your appliances from extremely high pressures. Without a Pressure Limiting Valve, if an appliance or fixture fails because of excess water pressure, your warranty is void.

The Australian Standards warn that:

“Pressures above 500kPa can cause damage from water hammer, reduced life of appliances, taps and fittings, and cause excessive noise in the system.”

The Installation of a Pressure Limiting Valve is unconditional on any property, whether it’s a home or commercial property. It is affordable insurance to ensure that you extend the life of appliances, complies with Australian Standards and protects the integrity of your plumbing system.

Visit WA Water Filters for pressure limiting valves and other accessories for water filters in Perth, WA.

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FMP 350



NSF Certified
NSF Certified

WaterMark Approved

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