Water Filters for Outdoors

Cleanwater | Bag Water Filter for Camping and Outdoors 

Water Filter Replacement Cartridge for Cleanwater Bag Filter

The effective life of a Berkefeld® ceramic filter, in continual use, will normally be more than 12 months depending on the turbidity of the source water before requiring replacement.
The British Berkefeld® ceramic filter used in this cleanwater kit is impregnated with colloidal silver. The filter purifies the unclean water by:
  •  Removing all sedimentary particles and suspensions down to 0.9 microns, thereby improving colour and taste of the water.
  • Killing 99.99% of harmful bacteria and cysts, including E-Coli, Cholera, Typhoid, Shigella, Klebsiella, Cryptosporidium and Giardia. These are responsible for life-threatening diarrhoeal diseases.
The filter is coupled with the siphon tube, and purified water is delivered to the point of use at a rate of up to 5 litres per hour for the bag kit and 10 litres per hour for the static kit.

Loose Carbon | Coconut Shell Carbon Granules for Refillable Water Filter Cartridges

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This carbon is www.nsf.org certified and the product code indicates it is made from coconut shells [WH], the mesh = 12 x 40
  • High grade activated coconut shell GAC carbon
  • Use to fill your own filter bags
  • Suits brewers + refill water filter cartridges + fish tank filters, etc