Twin Countertop Water Filter System with Fluoride Removal Filter 10″ x 2.5″


  • Twin Countertop Water Filter System
  • 10″ x 2.5″ Filter Size
  • Specialised filters for fluoride and heavy metals removal.
  • Provides a supreme quality, cost effective and portable method of water filtration
  • Stands conveniently on the countertop for easy ‚Äėself‚Äô installation to the kitchen tap, using the special diverter valve provided.
DoultonNSF CertifiedOmnipure


Fluoride removal? But I like fluoride!. The Twin Countertop Water Filter System with Fluoride Removal Filter is the perfect water filter if your tap water is fluorinated.

Your toothpaste has enough fluoride already, and if you’re not eating it, then why are you drinking it? Fluoride is toxic, and should not be ingested.

This is because, fluoride is for topic use only. Are you eating your toothpaste? Of course not! Fluoride has been a source of investigation, because has been proven to cause intellectual disability in children. Read more.

Specialised filters for fluoride and heavy metals removal

The Twin Countertop Water Filter System will not only remove fluoride, but will also remove traces of heavy metals, and other harmful disinfectants that remain in the water after the disinfection processes. .

Filter Cartridges within the Twin Countertop are 10 inches in height and 2.5 inches in width. Also, these filters are imported from the USA and are made by Omnipure. This brand is worldwide known in the water filtration industry. Complies with all sanitary standards and regulations.

Convenient and Easy to install

  • The Countertop Water Filter System is portable and connects to your faucet.
  • Stands conveniently on the countertop for easy ‚Äėself‚Äô installation to the kitchen tap, using the special diverter valve provided.

2 Stage Filtration Twin Countertop Water Filter System

  • Stage 1 ‚Äď 5 Micron Omnipure Fluoride Filter – Made in USA
    • The Fluoride Cartridge contains fine-mesh Activated Alumina to effectively reduce fluoride in your water supply by up to 99.9%.
    • For removal of Fluoride
    • Designed and Made in the USA
    • Manufactured by¬†Omnipure
  • Stage 2 ‚Äst0.5 Micron Doulton Ultracarb Ceramic and Carbon Filter
    • The UltraCarb Ceramic is a dual stage; ceramic and carbon cartridge – combining the highly efficient filtration properties of ceramic with the enhanced water treatment properties of activated carbon.
    • For removal of e-Coli Bacteria, Chlorine, Bromodichloromethane, Bromoform, Chloroform, Dibromochloromethane, Zinc, Iron, Lead, Manganese, Cadium, Copper, Mercury, Aluminium, Parasites/Cysts, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Bacteria, Salmonella, Cholera, Sediment, Dirt & Rust.¬†
    • Designed and Made in the UK
    • Manufactured by Doulton

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Additional information

Micron Rating

0.5 micron


5 Years


27(W)cm x 30(H)cm

Micron Rating

0.5, 5

Filter Size

10″ x 2.5″



  • Specialised in Ceramic Water Filters
  • Filters are manufactured by Fairey Industrial Ceramics Limited (FICL)¬†in North Staffordshire, UK
  • Fairey Industrial Ceramics Limited holds all Doulton's ceramic filters certifications


NSF Certified
NSF Certified


Omnipure is a world class manufacturer of inline water filters and filter cartridges in the USA. They produce over a dozen unique series of filters offering solutions to nearly any point of use water filtration problem.


Bundel Includes:

  • CTop Stand Twin White
  • 6x Screws S/Steel 10G 5/8
  • 2x Housing White 10″
  • Countertop Inlet 1/4″
  • Diverter Lever 1/4 Brass
  • Chrome Spout with outlet
  • Fluoride Filter Cartridge
  • UltraCarb Ceramic/Carbon Filter
  • Hex Nipple NPT-with O-ring
  • CTop Adaptor
  • CTop Hose Cont.White 1mtr


Pollutants Removed

Tap Fittings

How long do water filters last?

By simply replacing your filter on a regular basis, you can avoid drinking unwanted chemicals, particles and bacteria, which can cause or lead to serious health problems.

The water filter itself can last pretty long. But the cartridges have a lifespan of six to twelve months depending on your usage. And the tanks have a lifespan of three to ten years depending on its size. It will be a good decision to get a large tank because they last longer than the smaller tanks.

Water filter manufacturers recommend that you change your water filter every six months. This is because usually by the six month mark the water filter begins to wear out and may not filter as well as it should be.


  • Dimensions: 27(W)cm x 30(H)cm
  • Filter output: approx. 2,000 Litres (Fluoride) per day & 5,000 Litres (Carbon)
  • Micron rating: 0.5 Micron Absolute
  • Warranty: 5 years*

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