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Australian based Water Filtration Company

Australian based Water Filtration Company with a clear understanding of the water quality in Australia. Water Treatment plants add a wide variety of chemicals to your water, such as Copper Sulfate, Sodium fluoride, Ammonia, Chlorine, Polyaluminium chlorides and many others, with the purpose to disinfect the water and to avoid corrosion in the pipes of your city. Nevertheless, whilst the water travels through the pipes and connections of the city, it gets contaminated with Lead, Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, Arsenic, Iron and many other contaminants. Also, after being disinfected in the treatment plant and getting contaminated whilst travelling; silt, sediment and other minerals built up inside water mains and household plumbing pollute the water, as well. Therefore, our recommendation is to install Point-of-Use (POU) devices to treat water at the point of consumption. Drinking Water Filters provide the final barrier to the contaminants of concern before the water is consumed or used.

Also, FRESH, uncontaminated water is essential to good health. The quality of water supplied to us through the municipal system varies greatly, as do the local philosophies on the use of fluorides. There are also differing ideas on the healthiest source of water, for example tap, tank (rain), well, filtered, distilled, boiled, mineral and spring water. Regardless of your water source, a small investment in a water filter is very worthwhile. There are several filtering techniques, the main ones being carbon filter, ceramic filter, ionised filter, and reverse osmosis. Some remove chlorine and ammonia, while others extract fluoride and trace minerals. The most commonly accepted filtration system in Australia is carbon filtered water. This system removes chlorine and most other impurities (most notably, bromides). It does not, however, kill bacteria (tap water is usually chlorinated anyway), and it does not remove trace minerals and fluoride.

In additon, drinking water is becoming increasingly toxic worldwide, thanks to aging water pipes and chemical pollution. Water treatment plants cannot filter out all the toxins now entering the water. Consequently, filtering your household water is more a necessity than an option.

Therefore, because of water contamination, we are committed with to bring  the best filtration systems. Here are some links that might me useful for you to find the right filter. However, if you have any questions, feel free to call us 0452 435 477.

Brilliant customer service, I was very impressed with the information available and how easy it was to understand what product was best for me to use. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to everyone! (I already have) Angie

More than happy with the product, we would be lost without our Shower filter. Friendly service and speedy delivery. Louise

My experience with your product and company has been great from the word go. I was able to fit the shower filter very easily onto the wall and existing shower head arm. Now I’m really enjoying my chlorine free showers and loving it!!! Elma

Thanks for your high standard of professionalism and the great sprite water filters we bought at a great price. Showering has been a absolute pleasure since installing it for both my wife and myself. Thanks heaps. More referrals and business to come. Robert

My shower filter arrived in 3 days. Very quick and easy to install and no leaks. Really happy with it. Immediate and notable improvement to the quality of the water I cover myself with every morning. I plan to get a whole house system in the future. Adam

Shower filter was delivered very quickly, easy to set up, looks and works great. Very happy with this service. Thanks! Gabi

Very happy with both the service and the filter (High-Output Cartridge) that I purchased. Mary

Thanks Team for your help choosing a shower filter that’s right for us. You made the process a breeze! Mel

Hi, I received my Shower Filters in a few days and fitted them that night, i am 51 years old and have suffered with eczema for the last 13 years, in the last few weeks i have found that i don’t itch when i get out of the shower anymore, and over the few weeks i have had my filter on the shower my skin isn’t as dry as it used to be. it will be interesting over the next few week and into summer to see the real changes. Thank you. Anthony

Excellent customer service. 1st business person that has asked for my number in approximately a year & the only one that responds reasonably quick.My plumber & electrician prefer me to text them. The other 3 water filter companies asked me to email as they take longer to return phone & returned emails in 5-7 days.


A great product, easy to install and does just what it is supposed to do.  I will buy another for a gift to a friend in the next few weeks. I think it will make a great gift. Mark

Hi to all at Carelux Team, with regards the service which I received from you during my purchase of the shower filter, I can only say that I am unable to find any fault whatsoever with it. Our preliminary discussions, the ordering, the dispatching, and the overall handling of the transaction was excellent. The product was as described and I am hoping that I will see a continued improvement in my skin health as time passes .Once again, my sincere thanks and congratulations for your excellent service. Laura

I live in Adelaide and the bore water has strong sulphur smells (you know rotten egg sort of smell). I bought the shower water filter and my God has our world changed!!! We now feel clean and refreshed after a shower, and no longer smell like walking, talking rotten egg! Thank you! Robert

Called many other water filtration companies before, but none offered me the customer service CARELUX provided me.


I am very happy with the water quality in my home now however. The terrible chlorine smell is completely absent from the water and baths and showers leave my skin soft. In fact several ‘bath’ wrinkles around my neck have already started to fade just after a few days!! A shower is now a pleasurable experience and my skin and hair are soft and shiny all day without moisturizers, etc.  After a long hot bath i would find my heart would race for hours and i would feel anxious, ill, dehydrated – i think this may have been the ‘chlorine gas’ because since the Shower Filter installation I no longer have the negative side effects after my baths. Andrew

CARELUX, just to let you know that the Sprite High Output shower filter arrived today and it screwed easily and fits perfectly. We didn’t need a spanner to put it on although we do have a hand held shower fitting so that could have been why. I had a shower and washed my hair and it was noticeably softer. In fact, I’ve been feeling it all day because it is so soft. I look forward to showering if my hair is going to be that soft all the time. I can honestly say that my hair hasn’t been that soft since I washed it in rain water. Youjin