Viruses Removal Water Filter | Aragon Bio

Aragon Bio Water Filter has been proven to remove Viruses, Bacteria, Radioactive Elements and Human Pathogens. 

How Does the Aragon Bio Filter Removes Viruses?

"Aragon Filter"

Aragon Filter

The Aragon filter works with Electro kinetic mechanism of impact on viruses. The strong magnetic field developed within the filter destroys the external protective cover of a virus(capsid). Without the capsid a virus dies fast.The virus cannot reproduce itself independently. In fact, it is some biological organization the main purpose of which is to find an object to reproduce into. 

Most of the viruses have an envelope (capsid) protecting RNA in which the division process is preprogrammed. To neutralize a virus it is enough to destroy the capsid or damage RNA.

It has been established that Aragon pores are determined to have intensive surface potential that is opposite to the viruses’ charges. That is why, when water with viruses passes through the Aragon pores the electric interaction between the material and viruses appears. This electric interaction is the same as one between opposite charges.

The surface of a globule has negative charge and forms strong magnetic field developed around it. The field covers the entire pore fully. As a result, the overlapping of individual globules’ fields, high gradient electric field of high intensity is formed inside the pore.

The electric field destroys the external protective cover of a virus( capsid) and without the capsid a virus dies fast.

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