Water Dispensers

BIBO Water Dispensers

BIBO Water Dispenser Benefits


  • Instant chilled and boiling water 24/7
  • Saves valuable time not waiting for the kettle to boil
  • Provides purified drinking water to promote staff health and well being
  • Get rid of unhygienic water coolers, bubblers and bottle clutter
  • Saves money on expensive and environmentally unhealthy bottled water

Pollutants Removed

  • Taste
  • Odours
  • Chlorine
  • Heavy metals
  • Cysts (eg cryptosporidium and giardia)

Leaving only the good minerals behind like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Filtration Media

  • 1 Micron Carbon Filter & 11 Watts UV Lamp
Quality You Can Trust

BIBO carries Watermark and C-Tick certification and conforms to all regulatory requirements.

Premium Water Purification

BIBO utilizes the latest multi-stage carbon and UV filtration – all impurities are filtered from your tap water to the highest standards, resulting in great tasting, healthy water served chilled or boiling hot.

Energy Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

BIBO combines multiple kitchen appliances into one energy system – saving money not just on water, but also energy costs. Sleep mode promotes extra energy savings when your BIBO is not being used.


BIBO Water Dispenser Dimensions

BIBO is the latest technology in hot and cold filtered water
  • Perfectly chilled and boiling water
  • Highest quality filtration and purification
  • Connects to your mains –  no filling required
  • Touch screen operation with child lock
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Let your kids off high calorie drinks
  • Great for preparing baby bottles in seconds

BIBO is the next generation hot and cold water dispenser, providing you with an unlimited supply of delicious tasting filtered and purified water, served perfectly chilled or boiling hot at the touch of a button – it really is the future of water.

The Future of Water, BIBO

At BIBO, we have 25 years of experience in the water industry, and are passionate about promoting health and well being through good hydration at home and at work. We believe that people should drink more water and less unhealhty beverages… our mission is to provide Australians with a super convenient way to do so.

It's time for a new wat to think about water, BIBO

BIBO Water Dispenser | Replacement Filter


  • BIBO’s Annual Filter pack contains one year’s supply, i.e. 2 Carbon Filters and 1 UV lamp.
  • We recommend replacing the Carbon Filter 6 monthly and UV Lamp 12 monthly.
  • The BIBO screen will indicate when Carbon Filter and/or UV Lamp are due for a change.